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Does vx scene exists? How many virmakers are there? What is everyone's goal and what can we achieve together?

Virmakers are very special part of the undeground. In contrast to some hackers and phreakers, we do it not for gain, but for free. When we crack programs, we do it not for users, but for ourselves. We are mostly like demomakers, but with one difference: not others, but we are the ones, who judge and enjoy our creations. Our little auditory consists of our friends, all others are just a field of our experiments.

We dont need power, fame and wealth; we never had it, and we dont care. We dont care about calm, measured, uniform and satisfied life. Our world is research, investigations, quest and creation of knowledge. We just realize own thoughts.

We dont oppose to whatever. Because we dont care about anything. We just take the best: thoughs from the world of freedom, will from the world of war, mind from the world of science, and energy from the world of creation.

It is easy to become a programmer, easier than to learn one year in school or institute. Undeground is large, and to find some deserving field is easy. But it is hard to find exactly that field you are intended for, where your mission can be realized, where your inmost interests can be realized and developed, such way, so in the middle of it there will not appear sense that it was a mistake, and years has gone without any result for your soul.

Hackers and phreakers gradually become commercial speacialists in the field of security; crackers and demomakers finds "worth" job and leave us, and go to "serious" companies -- and nothing is left after them. New people appears, and starts everything once again, from the start.

Because they have no an IDEA. There is no factor to unite them. You can hack hundreds of remote systems, fuck up many networks, write thousands cracks for great software. But this all has nothing common, such way of spending time has no future.

Virmaking has an idea. Viruses are written and spreaded by hundreds of different people, all over the world. Virmaking is both system programming, hacking, cracking, and even demomaking - a special sum of knowledge from each field. Virus is a living substance, which spreads independently, asking nobody; and really, why should we entrust reliability of _our_ programs to the choice of idiots? Programming is for programmers, to make us feel some nice senses, but not to make us writing programs for users.

Is it illegal? Virmakers fucks the laws and rules. We live for ourselves, and we act as we wish. The one who is searching for safety, will lose everything.

The only right way, is the way you choose yourself. Each of us has the single duty - dont let to fade this sparkle of interest for true knowledge, which is burning inside your souls. Dont surrender, dont let the life and society to make from you slave robot. Show this world your originality, dont finish your life like nameless milliards of others did.

Imagine: you will complete your studies, find some job, some love, will marry, live in your family, grow some children, and die in silence. Isnt it miserable? What you are today, always were, is and will be millions of gray pseudo-personalities; they dont care about each other, they are enemies to each other, dont even able to imagine that something exists outside their stupid life. What for? Why? What the pleasure in being little brick in somebody's house? What will you achieve by living uninteresting, tiresome, templet life? All it always were, milliard times... Dont be like this. Change yourself; and change this world, according to own soul.

The time of lonely viruses has gone. The wave of distributed viral algorithms is coming, which will process terabytes of information in a single moment. Invisible links will unite thousands of useless computers, and lifeless network will come to life. Today we code the soul of the future.

Virus is not a goal. Virus is a free program, it is an idea, a thought realized in code. Liberty for viruses!