LDE32 -- Length-Disassembler Engine

User's Manual

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LDE32 is a library which may be used to determine length of any x86 instructiion, i.e. to provide partial disassembling.

LDE32 has only two subroutines.

1. void pascal disasm_init(void* tableptr);

This subroutine used to build internal data table of 2048 byte length.

2. int pascal disasm_main(void* opcodeptr, void* tableptr);

This subroutine used to disassemble one instruction. It returns length of instruction in bytes, or -1 if an error occured.

Subroutines preserves all registers; code is offset-independent; no data used except 2k at *tableptr.

To include LDE32 into your source you should add the following line:

include lde32bin.inc


                push    offset tbl      ; build disasm flag tables
                call    disasm_init

                mov     ebx, 401000h
                push    ebx             ; disasm offset
                push    offset tbl      ; internal disasm table
                call    disasm_main

                add     ebx, eax

                cmp     eax, -1         ; error?
                jne     cycle

include         lde32bin.inc            ; LDE32 code

tbl             db      2048 dup (?)    ; internal LDE32 data

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